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Is there a fee to participate?
  • There NO registration fee to consign with us.
What are my earning options?
  • You receive 40% of sales for your items
How do I get paid?
  • Consignors can use store credit any time,  PayPal within 2 business days and checks within 7-10 business days.  Checks must be picked up in the store.
Do you only accept seasonal items?
  • Yes, we only accept Spring/Summer or Fall Winter items at the appropriate times of the year.
What helps get my items sold?
  • Only sell what you would buy
  • We price items low, consignment shoppers are looking for deals
  • Make sure your items are neat, clean and in working order
  • Allow your items to be discounted
How do I secure small pieces to toys and equipment?
  • Items should be placed in a Ziploc bag and sealed with clear packing tape.
Do I need to bring my stuff on hangers?
  • No, we supply hangers free of charge at the store.
How do discounts work?
  • You allow us to decide when an item should be discounted.  This allows us to run sales and give the best opportunity for your items to sell.
How do donations work?
  • When dropping off your inventory you decide if an item can be donated if it does not sell.  When the season is over these items are given to the local charity of our choice and scanned as such from your inventory.
How can I tell what has sold and what my potential earnings are?
  • This is available by texting, Emailing or FB Messaging our store and requesting a balance check.
How do I know if something has been recalled?
  • Every Consignor is responsible for making sure their items have not been recalled by checking HERE.
  • How do I know if a car seat can be resold?
  • Every Consignor is responsible for making sure their car seat has not been recalled by checking HERE.

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